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06 March 2012

Roxette - It's Possible [New Single 2012]

1. It's Possible
Record Company: EMI
Release Date: Monday 5th March 2012
EF Rating: 5

The unstoppable pop machine that is Roxette welcome in 2012 with the release of their brand new track, It's Possible, their 43rd single release.

Last years incredible comeback album, Charm School, saw Roxette reach dizzying heights of success and the record, their first in 10 years, was followed by a tour that has seen the band on the road for the past 13 months, performing so far to over a million people, and is set to continue throughout the remainder of 2012.
The band are preparing for the release of the follow up to Charm School with the beautifully packaged tour album, Travelling. Back in 1992 Roxette released Tourism, a collection of tracks that were written whilst on their 1991/1992 Join the Joyride World Tour and combined new tracks with acoustic and live numbers performed in a range of different locations and environments. Travelling is a continuation of Tourism and the lead single to be released from the collection is this amazing new number.
It's Possible displays Roxette at a new peak in their career and is as hook heavy and catchy as pop singles come – something Roxette have become known for the world over. The track follows a similar formula as Roxette's peak years back in the nineties with both Marie and Per passing lead vocal duties between them in a display of unity, Per taking the verses and Marie sounding on top form in the infectious chorus'.
The track is made up by a reverberating guitar that pushes the track through a framework of synths and the pairs distinctive vocals. Marie's syrupy dream sequence, a frequent inclusion on Roxette tracks, is both complimenting and moving in the latter half of the track.
Musically the track sits Roxette comfortably within a brand new level of brilliance. Their ability of writing and delivering flawless hits shows no sign of drying up and It's Possible proves that Roxette are still a fundamental clonk in the power pop machine of hook heavy, vocally vibrant genius.
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